Building a Site Using Bootstrap and HTML5

When we build a site using Bootstrap and HTML5 , it basically means we are coding the site and not using any pre-designed templates or not using a web-site builder like SquareSpace or Wix.

It means we have more control of the website as we create the code and build the site effectively from scratch. There are no components downloaded which we aren’t familiar with.

It also means we will host the website on the ADBEYO shared server space. This means your website is located on a computer owned by a hosting company, but registered under ADBEYO’s account. This reduces any hosting costs that you would otherwise be likely to pay.

So what are some of the advantages of ADBEYO building my website with Bootstrap and HTML5?

  • It works out cheapest for you. You pay the cost for the design and build of the site only, and don’t have to pay any monthly costs as you would if you were using a website builder like SquareSpace or Wix.
  • A website name and address is included in the price. You will need to renew this every year however, for the first year, the domain name is included in the price.
  • You’ll get as many business emails as you like – this is included in the price.
  • Certain web-site technologies work best if you’re not using templates or a website builder.

So what are some of the disadvantages…

  • It’s difficult to update the website if you do not have web-design scripting knowledge* (see below).
  • Adding e-commerce functionality like shopping carts or booking forms require 3rd party applications, some of which have an additional cost.

Updating your Website Built using Bootstrap and HTML5

So yes, it’s more difficult to update and manage a site built in Bootstrap and HTML5 if you’re not familiar with scripting. However, ADBEYO sites come with the option of built in blogs and social media feeds and links. That means, even if you don’t want to go near the guts of your website, you can still make it seem current by updating a blog on your site, or making some social media posts which can link into your website. No techy experience needed for that.

For more information about Bootstrap here’s a link to their site and here’s a quick link to building sites using Bootstrap.

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