Building a Site Using WordPress

WordPress is a free Content Management System. You can use WordPress to create and update websites, using a range of free or paid-for templates which have different styles and content.

When ADBEYO builds a site with WordPress, we download the WordPress files onto the client’s website space and then use a WordPress template to build the site.

The completed website will still be stored on ADBEYO’s web-server which is located on a computer owned by a hosting company, but registered under ADBEYO’s account. This reduces any hosting costs that you would otherwise be likely to pay.

WordPress is really popular, and according to Wiki, used to create more than 60 million websites. As such, there is a lot of online support and products for people who build sites with WordPress. So what are some of the advantages of ADBEYO building my website with WordPress?

  • You can update your website by logging into the WordPress Content Management System with no knowledge of programming or scripting required.
  • There are lots of WordPress add-ons allowing you to add new functionality to your website.
  • WordPress is free. You don’t have to pay any monthly fees to use WordPress.
  • There are a lot of e-commerce options for WordPress, which allow you to create and run your own online store for free.

So what are some of the disadvantages…

  • The ADBEYO set up cost for WordPress sites is higher than other options.
  • The WordPress Content Management System can seem quite tricky at first to get used to. Although you don’t need coding experience, it takes a bit of time to get comfortable building and updating sites using WordPress.

WordPress is a good option for small business owners who don’t want to learn too much about website building and hosting but do want to be in control of their website and be able to make changes and updates without having to pay a monthly subscription cost to use the service.

For more information about WordPress see this link. Or watch the YouTube Video below.

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